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R.I.S.E. Mentoring Program

"No one rises to low expectations"...Les Brown

Coming in the Fall of 2020

What Is RISE?

RISE stands for is a Redefining Identity
through Service & Empowerment. Through the RISE program, Redefined Life, Inc. (RLI), establishes local mentoring communities for at-risk & low-income youth. Our model is based on a holistic approach to mentoring youth, especially those who have had behavioral issues that has resulted in them being in social services (e.g., DCS, Juvenile Probation services). The RLI model emulates that of a college fraternity or sorority, in that, it creates a life-long community network around each youth involved in the program. RLI seeks to use community resources (e.g., adult mentors, civic leaders, and local businesses) that are integrated and re-positioned to build a local mentoring community (RLife Fraternity) to achieve higher academic performance, and to mitigate delinquent behavioral issues, such as drug use, risky sexual behaviors, and behaviors that contribute to injury and violence.

What are the activities the young men will participate in?

In order to participate in the program, the young men must complete 3 stages (Initiation, Implementation, & Graduation) which takes, roughly, 8 months. Rather than graduating from a program, the young men graduate into a network that will follow them into their adult life. 

When a student officially become apart of the RLife Frat, they will have access to a growing number of adult mentors and leaders who are committed to their growth and prosperity. Graduates will meet once-a-month time with their local chapter for check-ins, leadership development, community service, and mentoring other potential recruits.

Why Choose our Mentoring Program?

  • Our organization offers a unique combination of advantages that is unmatched by our competitors. Compared to the home-based case management options, we differentiate ourselves by offering youth a community to be a part of rather than a program to complete.
  • As an organization, we focus on building social skills by helping youth meet people from different backgrounds who have had different life experiences.
  • We also help youth participate in community service, which is one of our core values that youth actively engage with on a regular basis.
  • As an organization, we strive to help youth build a build a network of caring and trusting adults that will help them throughout their life.
    We also focus on creating a culture of academic achievement through having mandatory study hours and a minimum GPA, which can help youth stay on track and get good grades throughout your time in school.
  • We encourage leadership development by offering leadership opportunities that will aid in cultivating critical decision-making skills.
  • As an organization, we prioritize peer-to-peer mentoring through our pairing of older students with younger students.