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What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?
Therapy helps people heal from past hurts and work through pain to get to a functional place in their lives. Sessions focus on past issues, behavioral challenges, relationship concerns and recovery from pain. Therapists are licensed health care workers who can diagnose mental health conditions. Coaching moves clients from functional to optimal. Client and coach work together to clarify goals, create action plans and identify the blocks that may be impeding the client's overall success. Coaches empower clients to reach their highest potential.

Do you accept insurance?
No. I am not a healthcare provider. Counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists are healthcare providers who are licensed to diagnose and treat mental conditions. Coaches are NOT licensed healthcare providers at this time. Many have certifications, but coaching is not a licensed field. Coaching sessions are not considered a medical expense. 

What should I wear to my appointments with you?
Whatever you’re comfortable wearing! No suits or dress clothes are necessary for our sessions. I want to create a comfortable, safe environment for clients to share freely.

What happens in coaching?
We may cover any of the following topics in coaching sessions:

  • De-constructing blocks that limit your success, like limiting beliefs and negative self-talk
  • Building and fostering confidence
  • Taking back your power--setting healthy boundaries
  • Finding clarity around next steps
  • Defining your personal "why"—what motivates you to take action and succeed
  • Examining your passions and talents
  • Eliminating toxic relationships
  • Creating an action plan with weekly action items that move you closer to your goal
  • Securing the resources, you need to succeed
  • Securing the support, you need to succeed

How are coaching fees paid?
For individual and group coaching clients, upon signing the Coaching Agreement, I will send you an invoice for the payment. Payment MUST be received in advance for each month’s coaching. Your payment entitles you to contact me between sessions (by email or phone) for help with specific issues. There is no extra charge for this service. I accept all major credit cards through my PayPal payment portal. If applicable,my fees may be tax deductible as a business expense. Please check with your CPA

What are some general outcomes I can expect from coaching?
Although results vary depending on the agenda of individual clients, general outcome include:

  • Greater self-awareness and clarity of purpose
  • Reduction in emotional blocks and self-sabotaging behavior
  • Improved inter-personal communication skills
  • Better time and task management, and organizational skills
  • More results-oriented planning and decision making
  • Increased income
  • Enhanced motivation and productivity
  • More balance between personal and professional endeavors
  • Improved relationships with direct reports, supervisors, peers, and clients
  • Greater overall fulfillment

Do I need to be in the Anderson, Indiana area to be coached by you?
No. You don’t need to be in Anderson for me to coach you. I offer life coaching services in person to those who request it and are local to Anderson, otherwise sessions are conducted by telephone or Zoom, so you can be located anywhere in the world.